Multivariate Testing

An integral part of targeted campaigns is our in-depth, multivariate testing system. With it, we can determine which headline, body text, image or target that converts the most.

Finding the Most Effective Ad

By running upwards of 200 ads per campaign, each with slight tweaks, we find the most effective combination of headline, body text, image and call-to-action for each of your audience segments. This process allows us to pinpoint the most effective ads.

Finding the Most Lucrative Audience

In addition to creative testing, we can test audiences to determine which ones are delivering the best results. We’ll be able to tell you if moms of grade school kids are converting into customers more than moms of high school kids. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Valuable Insights

The insights you gain from our system can cross over into other areas of your company. Our process has yielded valuable insight into the mind of the market, allowing companies to expand into new geographic locations. Are more women with an income above $200k in the Dallas - Fort Worth area engaging with your upscale clothing ads at a higher level than their counterparts in Houston? Maybe it’s time to consider opening a high-end boutique in that location.

The Most Effective Use of Your Ad Dollar

Combined with our advanced targeting capabilities, our multivariate testing system allows the most effective use of your ad dollar. To find out how big your potential audience is, fill out the form below.

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