Heard of Hank Norman?

Maybe not, but we know you’ve heard of Grant Cardone, Steve Harvey, the Oxygen Network and hit TV show “The View.”


If you know those names, then you know Hank Norman and his company 2 Market Media’s work - he made all of them. In the entertainment industry he is a bona fide king maker, so when he was looking for a digital marketing agency to spread the word about his entry level product, Star Power U, he chose industry leaders - Impakt Media.

The task we were charged with was generating sales of Star Power U, the online course and community that teaches everyday people how to become famous for their expertise in a particular area.


We followed our proven strategy of:

  • Generating awareness
  • Generating qualified traffic
  • Turning the above into sales


Tactically, we targeted people who most matched 2 Market’s current customers and clients and served them ads that would speak to their wants, needs and desires.



We achieved profit within the first 2 months and are now delivering a 296% ROI month over month.

In addition to the increased sales, 2 Market Media / Hank Norman’s social channels have experienced growth as a side effect of the massive awareness we built up for them in the earlier stages of the campaigns.