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February 22, 2018 - Comments Off on WV Troopers Association

WV Troopers Association


West Virginia State Troopers hadn’t received a raise in 11 years and were quickly losing troopers due to lack of competitive pay. The West Virginia Troopers Association (WVTA) needed to increase awareness of the problem and drive WV citizens to demand a raise for them while the legislature was in session.


Impakt Media was hired by WVTA to run an organic and paid brand awareness campaign on Facebook. The goals of this campaign were to maximize audience awareness about the problem and drive WV state citizens to call the state legislature and demand a raise for WVTA.


All four of the organic video campaigns Impakt Media produced went viral on Facebook, pulling in 1 million impressions, 84,000 clicks and over 2,000 comments. The organic campaigns did so well, paid campaigns were no longer needed. The state legislature passed a bill giving West Virginia State Troopers a raise.

February 22, 2018 - Comments Off on Greeley Harley-Davidson

Greeley Harley-Davidson


Greeley Harley-Davidson needed to increase awareness and ticket sales for their Grand Reopening.


Impakt Media was hired by Greeley Harley-Davidson 6 days before the event to run brand awareness campaigns and traffic campaigns on Facebook. The goals of this campaign were to maximize audience awareness about the event and increase ticket sales.


After only 4 days of run time, this campaign resulted in a 26,000% return on investment. There were over $100,000 worth of bike sales stimulated by the campaign, making it the largest event they ever had.

February 22, 2018 - Comments Off on WISP Resort

WISP Resort


Wisp Resort needed to increase purchases for lift ticket and lodging packages for the end of the 2017-2018 season.


Impakt Media was hired by Wisp Resort to run brand awareness campaigns and traffic campaigns on Facebook. The goal of these campaigns were to maximize audience awareness and increase website traffic and purchases. Impakt Media used cloned audiences and retargeting to reach high purchasing intent audiences for this campaign.


Within the first 2 weeks of the campaign, the return on ad spend was 935.02%, and the return on investment was 366.55%.

February 22, 2018 - Comments Off on NBC Sports

NBC Sports


NBC Sports Network needed to ensure that millions of 14-25 year olds around the world were aware of the Rocket League Grand Finals e-sports gaming championship broadcast that was happening over a 3 day period. Traditional TV advertising was not reaching the target audience.


Impakt Media was hired by NBC Sports Network to run social media brand amplification campaigns on both Twitter and Instagram. The goals of these campaigns were to achieve the maximum amount of impressions within the target audience and increase awareness and viewership of the event.


Over the agreed 3 day period, the total targeted impressions were 45,282,223. Of this amount, 31,545,518 on Instagram and 13,736,705 for Twitter. Total views at any given time of the broadcast reached 1,562,594 live viewers.

February 22, 2017 - Comments Off on Facebook Mobile Usage Stats

Facebook Mobile Usage Stats


Have you ever wondered how influential mobile marketing really is? We have the answers!


When you are in Facebook Ads Manager, always keep an eye on how your ads perform on desktop compared to mobile. Chances are, you’ll see much higher numbers in the mobile category, which is why mobile optimization is so important.


Before you launch a Facebook ad, check to make sure your headlines aren’t cut short on mobile devices and ask yourself how the image in your ad may appear on a smaller screen.


February 22, 2017 - Comments Off on Simple Facebook Ad Optimization

Simple Facebook Ad Optimization


On this episode of White Board Wednesday, we chat about optimizing Facebook ads.


We often spend days, weeks or even months finding the perfect combination for a successful ad, but even a well-performing ad needs to be optimized occasionally. A sure-tell sign that it’s time to optimize your ad, is when you see the reach start to drop. Always keep an eye on the analytics of your campaign and adjust accordingly.

Pro-tip: Switching out the image is the easiest way to pull your reach up when it starts to drop.


February 22, 2017 - Comments Off on Digital Business: Triple Your Sales w/ this Facebook Ads Tip

Digital Business: Triple Your Sales w/ this Facebook Ads Tip


Dramatically increase your sales with this one Facebook ads tip!


We recently helped one of our national clients generate over $130,000 in sales when they spent only $6,000 on Facebook ads. What’s even more amazing? This campaign only ran for SIX days!
The secret to this client’s success came directly from creating custom audiences from their own previous customers. Watch now to learn more.



February 22, 2017 - Comments Off on Digital Business: What is Remarketing?

Digital Business: What is Remarketing?


Did you know that 71% of customer traffic to your site does not do anything the first time?


Driving traffic to your website is only one piece of the puzzle. You can maximize your marketing efforts by implementing this one simple step, and that is “remarketing”. Remarketing is simply “reminding” your customers that what you have to offer will benefit them and bring value to their lives. Essentially, they ‘need’ your product or service.


How do you do this you ask? Adding pixels to the backend of your site allows you to track customer traffic and highly increases the chances of converting your customers in the long run.


February 10, 2017 - Comments Off on What SEO Can Do for You

What SEO Can Do for You


Why Should I Care About SEO?

Everyone gets those spam emails from overseas that say “We can do SEO for you for many good price. Very nice!” but what a lot of people do not realize is that SEO is something that almost every business needs. You just don’t need it from those “spammers” and I’m here to explain why.


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of performing actions on your site that will cause Google to rank you higher. It usually involves editing page titles and the sentences in your content to let Google know what you are writing about. If I write a killer blog about my latest virtual reality adventure, I would want to make sure that the title and the content within it would allow someone, who’s searching for my article on Google, to easily find it. I would also want to name it something that attracts attention but isn’t misleading to what the user will actually see when clicking on the page.



White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is a term generally used for the practice of “good SEO.” White Hats are those that optimize your content for the emphasis that Google has placed on their newest search algorithm. For example, the current algorithm heavily emphasizes page load time, so a good webmaster will use PageSpeed Insights to get that under control. Also, your content needs to be ranking for words that relate well to your business. Impakt Media is ranked number one for the query “marketing in morgantown” not just because our old business name was Impakt Marketing, but because we saw the lead generation value of that phrase and it relates directly to Impakt. I could use the term “apartment in morgantown” to rank Impakt because it has a high search volume, but this site would be worthless to someone searching for that phrase and, in turn, these users would not be interested in our services. The key takeaway from this is that the phrase must be high volume and related to your business. As Google updates their algorithm, sites that are “white hat optimized” will climb in rank because the reason they are ranked well is because they are actually providing value and playing by the rules.


Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a form of exploitative optimizations to increase the rank of your site in the short term. I like to refer to these dudes as “get rich quick” schemers that have to do way more work in the long-run to keep the site from being blacklisted by Google. Remember in the late 90s when some sites had a bunch of keywords stuffed in the paragraphs? Like when you went to a page and it just said “lose weight lose weight lose weight lose weight” over and over? Google has been fighting against keyword stuffed techniques like this since the start of their company. Spoiler alert, they are winning. Sure, using a Black Hat technique like getting links from a link farm (that is what those spammers we mentioned earlier do by the way) may produce short-term results, but every time Google gets better at detecting the exploits, the more work you have to do to stay on top. Every algorithm update is a crisis when you use black hat.


What Do I Do?

Go install Yoast on your website right now. Start optimizing for terms that you think the user is searching for. If you want to know exactly how many people use the term, subscribe to a service like SEM rush and do keyword research, then dive into Yoast and make it happen. You may be able to find the information in Google’s free Keyword research tool, but this may eat away a lot more time. Finally, connect your Gmail account to Google Webmaster tools and submit a good sitemap.



What does all this mean for me and my business? Several things! First, SEO is valuable because it allows you to collect leads that are free after you do the work. Sure, as a social media company first, we recommend Facebook’s beautiful targeted ads feature, but there is value in collecting free leads on top of paid leads. Second, there is a lot of prestige that comes with owning the top site for a phrase. The user correctly assumes that the top results are the best businesses to use.

January 24, 2017 - Comments Off on Shoot, Edit, Repeat.

Shoot, Edit, Repeat.

Video Team - What We Do

"What do you do? What is your job? What do you do for a career?"


Video production is no easy task and requires a certain level of creativity, patience and mastery.

Impakt’s video producers, Patrick Martin and Aaron Griffin, have created an inside look at just exactly what they do for our team.