Client Onboarding

Chiropractic Care Center had long been using last generation advertising to find and attract new patients. In 2018 they realized that they needed to have a stronger social media presence in order to grow their practice.


Impakt Media was hired by Chiropractic Care center to start online brand awareness lead generation efforts utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories. The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, offering awareness and lead generation.


To achieve these goals, Impakt Media ran through several quick iterations of the campaigns before hitting upon the “magic bullet.” We ran highly targeted video view campaigns then created audiences and lookalike audiences from people that viewed the videos and presented them with a Free Pain Consultation offer. Within the first 30 days we realized that prospective patients were less likely to convert at a standard landing page and started utilizing Facebook Lead Form Ads. To keep the ads topical we created new videos around seasonal sports and seasonal injuries.


Once we switched to Facebook Lead Form Ads, we started delivering one highly targeted lead per day at a cost per acquisition that made the program extremely profitable.