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John Howard Motors

John Howard Motors is one of the leading Subaru and Nissan dealerships on the eastern seaboard. For years, they have relied solely on last generation media advertising for 100 percent of their marketing efforts. Billboard, radio, television and print media have been the source of marketing until Impakt Marketing was approached to execute a targeted social media campaign.



The objective was to increase online lead generation with proof that social media efforts were responsible for the leads generated. Impakt developed a highly targeted campaign that leveraged prospect location, online search data, financial information and buying interests.


At the launch of the campaign, Impakt was able to reach both men and women in the dealership's geographic location that were interested in purchasing a vehicle within 60-90 days. That targeted audience was delivered a specific set of social media advertisements directly into their Facebook, Instagram and Youtube newsfeeds to attract the interest and engagement of the prospect.

Upon clicking the advertisement, the prospect was then directed to the John Howard Motors website for further analysis by our marketing team. Each page visited by the prospects was tracked and measured, giving Impakt the capability to determine which vehicle the prospect showed the most interest in. Those who submitted their information to schedule a test drive or request a quote were tracked and counted as a lead for the client. Those who looked but left without taking action, were entered into Impakt’s re-marketing sequence, which allowed the prospect to see more content on their social media channels pertaining to the vehicle that they showed interest in.

After the non-converted prospects were re-marketed an average of 8 times, John Howard Motors saw a significant increase in their online lead generation. Just 15 days after launch, they saw an online lead increase of 47 percent and an increase in their closing ratios by 27 percent. Each lead that was captured by Impakt was proven via the tracking and reporting analytics provided with these campaigns. Impakt was also able to show the client which ad generated certain leads, allowing the client to determine what the highest performing ad was during each month.


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