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Luke Nesler is the CEO of Impakt Media and host of the nationally known podcast, Attention Equals Dollars. Nesler is a digital marketing expert, keynote speaker, author and master of getting attention and turning it into cash. A marketing change agent, Luke has worked with brands like Major League Baseball, NBC Sports and Nissan Corporation to help them leverage social media to generate millions of dollars in sales.


Luke was $30,000 in debt, sleeping on his office floor and in threat of losing his business in 2012 but when he realized that his problem was not having the attention of his customers, Luke took to social media and discovered the impact that it could have on his business. In 12 months Nesler took his business from failing to thriving using only social media to generate sales.


Luke now runs a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency. He travels the country teaching audiences how to use social media to gain attention and how to turn that attention into sales. Luke’s marketing success stems from attention equals dollars. You must have the attention of the marketing place in order to increase sales and he has perfected the game of using social media to get mass exposure and turn that into revenue through a proven 4 step process.



- How to Get Attention and Turn It Into Cash

- Stabilizing your digital brand as #1 in your industry

- How to maximize your digital advertising stratgey and ignite sales

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