Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship


Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Champion Series needed to increase tickets sales for each seven nationwide races of the 2017 series.


Impakt Media was hired by Lucas Oil Pro Motocross to develop campaign creative and configure detailed target marketing on both Facebook and Instagram. The goals of these campaigns were to reach passionate race fans that have had a history of attending the series events. 30-60 days prior to each race, a targeted outreach campaign was launched toward dirt bike owners and race fans using multivariate testing. Additionally, purchasing data was leveraged to deliver advertisements to people who attended the event in the past.

Mobile Static Ad Examples

Geo-location targeting and in-depth multi-variant testing, allowed each advertisement to have 60-90 variations running at all times. This enabled Impakt to track and measure which ad performed at the highest level and generated the greatest results for each campaign.


The results for these campaigns were outstanding: There were record breaking walk up numbers, and online ticket sales increased by as much as 71% from the previous year. The top performing race from these campaigns had an average 645.9% return on investment. The average online sales return on investment for all of the races was 300.57% at the end of the 2017 campaigns.

Three Years Running

Impakt Media has been hired by Lucas Oil Pro Motocross for detailed target marketing for each seven nationwide races on Facebook and Instagram for the 2016, 2017, and now the 2018 series. For the current 2018 season, Impakt Media is also running advertisements on YouTube for these campaigns.

For the 2018 series results, so far one of the seven races has already earned a 697% return on investment.