Matt Manero: “You Need More Money”

Matt Manero needed to increase awareness and potential sales leading into his book release of “You Need More Money.”
Impakt Media was hired by Matt Manero to run a multitude of different targeted campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The goals of these campaigns were to maximize audience awareness about the book’s release, as well as increase sales before (presales) and after the book’s release.

Video Campaigns

The results of the video campaigns run by Impakt Media on Facebook (put together by Matt Manero’s inhouse team) for these campaigns are listed below:


In addition to the above results, these video campaigns received over 100,000 weekly video views.

Many of these videos included supporting quotes from noteworthy entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone, Brad Lea, and Ed Mylett:



To achieve this goal, Impakt Media ran several carefully scheduled video views campaigns for two months to build awareness about the book and Matt, as well as to build a retargeting audience. We then transferred to link clink optimized campaigns up to the first day potential customers could purchase the presale of the book:


As a result of this strategy, there was an increase of 10,000 followers on his social media accounts, as well as a total of 104,389 users sent to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon Audible.