October 31, 1111 - Comments Off on Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Impakt developed all campaign creative and configured detailed target marketing in order to reach passionate race fans that have had a history of attending the series events. 30-60 days prior to each race, a targeted outreach campaign was launched toward dirt bike owners and race fans. Additionally, personal data was leveraged to deliver advertisements to people who attended the event in the past three years.


Geo-location targeting, as well as in-depth multi-variant testing, allowed each advertisement to have 60-90 variations running at all times. This allowed Impakt to track and measure which ad performed at the highest level and generated the greatest results for the campaign.


Once the interested attendees visited the ticketing website, Impakt was able to track and measure purchasers and visitors who abandoned the shopping process without making a purchase. Anyone who left the site was entered into the re-marketing phase of the 2016 campaign, and was delivered relevant ads based on which ticket they showed interest in.

The results were outstanding. After the first race, MX Sports terminated multiple last generation marketing campaigns and re-allocated the funds toward targeted social media marketing with Impakt. Races saw an increase in attendance for the first time in several years. Online ticket sales increased by as much as 71 percent, and the client easily obtained proof of effectiveness due to consistent, detailed reporting provided by Impakt.


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