Developing, creating, and actualizing the perfect brand image for a determined and talented Real Estate Office


Touchdown Home Pros, founded on July 1, 2016, is currently one of the top ten real estate agencies in the market. They pride themselves on selling more than just houses, but on selling the pride they feel for their home state of West Virginia.


Impakt Media was hired by Touchdown Home Pros to create and develop their brand identity--everything from their logo to their website and social media.

Brand Development Overall

Impakt Media focused the development of the brand on the client’s pride and love for the state of West Virginia. The brand colors, blue and gold, reflect the Morgantown, WV location, as well as the dedication of the brand to the Wild and Wonderful state.

Developed Logo

Website Design

Impakt Media continued to reflect this sentiment within the website development and design for Touchdown Home Pros.



Impakt Media has built and continued to increase brand awareness for Touchdown Home Pros through social media marketing via Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, Impakt Media executed this strategy by running targeted campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories.


As a result of these campaigns and creative development from start to finished, Impakt Media yielded major results for Touchdown Home Pros, effectively increasing their online following by 4000%. These include 232,863 total video views as well as 1,178,641 total campaign Impressions. Touchdown Home Pros had gone from the conception of company to top 10 within a year and half.