Winter Campaigns

Wisp Resort needed a strong push at the end of ski and snowboard season to increase sales, and needed to increase purchases for MISSION: AFFORDABLE season passes for the upcoming 2018-2019 season.


Impakt Media was hired by Wisp Resort to run targeted brand awareness campaigns and traffic campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. The goal of the campaigns were to maximize audience awareness and increase website traffic and purchases of the season passes. Impakt Media used cloned audiences and retargeting to reach high purchasing intent audiences for this campaign.


To achieve this goal, Impakt Media ran four “Count Down” campaigns that counted down to the last day potential customers could purchase the MISSION: AFFORDABLE season passes:



Within the first 2 weeks of their ski and snowboard season campaign, Wisp’s return on ad spend was 935.02%, and their return on investment was 366.55%.

For their MISSION: AFFORDABLE campaign, 30% of their sales came from the last 4 days: the “countdown” to the end of the sale. Wisp sold 400 more season passes than the previous year (20% more) in only three weeks.

The total results Impakt Media yielded after 2.5 months include 1,710,685 impressions and 24,961 video views.